Motor Simulation & Stress Analysis

Analysis Type: design, motion simulation and stress analysis
Objective: to take design innovations from concept sketch through to prototype manufacture
Sector: heavy industry, automotive, various

Client Benefits: The rapid and cost-effective implementation of design innovations and the evaluation of new concepts before commitment to prototype manufacture. The provision of effective marketing material for promotion to potential licensees.

Project Background: A CV joint aimed at a wide range of potential applications is the latest innovative technology to emerge from Transmission Systems Ltd of Jersey (, a company that specialises in commercialising patentable concepts.

The new joint is both rugged and simple and is capable of achieving long life at deflection angles in excess of 60 ° and at high speed, which performance levels are far beyond the reach of current technology. The concept has been under development for almost 10 years and successive innovations have produced a joint with superior performance and a very low parts count.

As a small company, Transmission Systems lacks the resources to readily transform their concepts into detailed three-dimensional designs that are capable of functioning and suitable for manufacture. TriVista Engineering was therefore engaged to work with the creative output from the company and help develop demonstration prototypes.

Solution: TriVista was able to take the latest design information (typically 2D sketches) and develop it into 3D solid assemblies using CAD tools. This process provided the route to prototype manufacture, and also enabled a series of key development steps:

  • Visualisation of the spatial relationships between components during design.
  • Animation of the joint motion to validate the design.
  • Key component geometry could be fed directly into ANSYS (FEA) for stress analysis to evaluate torque transmission capability and design out stress concentrations.

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