China Manufacture Consulting Support & China Engineering Consulting Support

TriVista offers flexible consulting support to suit your outsourcing requirements. On more complex products, certain clients wish to be closely involved with the manufacturing process and TriVista can provide consulting support to support this closer involvement.

China is a large country with many manufacturers with varying capabilities and quality standards. TriVista have found it is important to work with manufacturers who are competitive, maintain good quality standards and are also good in communication.

In larger and more complicated manufacturing projects, many requirements have to be communicated well to the manufacturing partners especially quality control. We have found that effective communication of the quality requirements is the key to achieving good results.

There are culture differences and different business negotiation styles between UK and China. Certain local business practices need to be understood and international standards have to be achieved by the manufacturer.

TriVista supports clients in: identifying good manufacturing partners, communicating technical requirements, commercial discussions, contract negotiations, quality control, intellectual property and compliance to relevant industrial regulations etc.

TriVista can also assist with arranging logistics and quality inspections.

If you think that outsourcing a manufacture project will help your business to lower manufacture costs and improve competitiveness, we will be glad to help. Contact us now to find out how we can assist with your next manufacturing project.