The last two decades have seen substantial economic growth in China. Chinese manufacturers have made considerable improvements in both their manufacturing technology and product quality. The relatively lower cost of skilled labour combined with manufacturing clusters with comprehensive supply chains has made the manufacturing of complex products in China more efficient and cost effective.

TriVista is your UK based link to China manufacturing outsourcing and we offer a range of services to help companies access the benefits and opportunities that China has to offer including..

  • Outsourcing of both large and small manufacture projects to China.
  • Consulting support to manufacturing and engineering projects in China. This includes:
  • Support in communication of both commercial and technical issues.
  • Problem solving in outsourcing projects.
  • Quality control audit and inspection assistance.
  • Assistance in establish business partnership with Chinese companies, including…
  • Researching and identifying suitable business partners in China.
  • Factory and exhibition visit assistance.
  • Relevant commercial and technical negotiations.
  • Technical information service including…
  • Sourcing Chinese technical and industrial standard documentation.
  • Research on information in relevant industrial sections.

TriVista offers a one-stop China manufacture outsourcing solution from: design and engineering analysis, to manufacturing and shipping. We can also assist with potential manufacture outsourcing issues such as IP protection, quality assurance and logistics.

TriVista believe that effective communication of client’s requirements is vital in achieving the desired objective. We advise, act and communicate effectively on your behalf through the manufacture outsourcing process removing language barriers and minimising risk to ensure projects achieve the required target. Our strength lies in the abilities of our experienced bilingual engineering staff to effectively communicate client technical and quality requirements directly to the manufacturing partner in China.

Over the last 12 years, TriVista have assisted many UK companies with their China manufacture outsourcing needs and have established a network of manufacturers in China enabling us to readily identify reliable partners with the capacity and capabilities to meet your specifications.

If you think that outsourcing a manufacture project will help your business to lower manufacture costs and improve competitiveness, we will be glad to help. Contact us now to find out how we can assist with your next manufacturing project.