TriVista offers a powerful combination of advanced engineering analysis capabilities backed by extensive product development experience. For over 15 years, TriVista have provided a broad range of structural stress, thermal and flow engineering services to our clients in a wide range of industrial fields. The latest in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools are fully integrated with a comprehensive Engineering Design capability. This enables the delivery of leading edge and cost-effective solutions of genuine commercial value to our clients.

Client benefits include the following:

  • Rapid product development and design validation before more costly physical testing
  • Reduced prototype and test requirements
  • Comprehensive product details not limited by test instrumentation
  • Improved or optimised performance
  • Reduced cost
  • Competitive edge
  • Improved reliability and durability
  • Product innovation and patentability
  • Additional engineering resource

Our highly qualified team of engineers have experience from a variety of industries, with a good mix of production and development backgrounds. A typical TriVista engineer has strong analytical skills backed up by substantial industrial experience.

Respecting client confidentiality is a key part of the business we are involved in so we are also happy where required to sign client non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.

TriVista uses the market leading ANSYS software tools. If you would like to know more please feel free to call or email (contact details below). Our experienced engineers will be happy to advise you, without obligation. Alternatively, you may prefer to use our simple enquiry form.