Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be used to accurately predict the multiphase behaviour of free surface flows in various applications, for example: open channel flow analysis, tank sloshing, waves, tank mixing or Pelton wheels.

TriVista has performed various free surface flows analysis for clients across a range of industrial applications and these projects have typically had aims such as:

  • Calculating flow rate distribution and drainage efficiency of open channel flow systems.
  • Free surface tank analyses to evaluate sloshing. This can be coupled with FE analysis (FSI) for assessment of structural integrity or structure behaviour under sloshing loads.
  • Quantifying product performance e.g. separator vessels.
  • Tank free surface models with rotating impellers for mixing effectiveness and velocity distribution evaluation.
  • Vessel filling and expulsion analyses.

TriVista is a leading provider of cost-effective CFD services to industry and our engineering team has supported clients on CFD free surface analyses across a wide range of industrial applications for instance: waste water drainage systems, spraying equipment, dirt separators, process plant, power generation, oil and gas, marine, water treatment, aerospace and domestic appliances.

TriVista uses the ANSYS CFD leading CFD multiphase modelling software with various models available to capture the interaction of two homogeneous distinct phases in the case of free surface flows. Our CFD software tools are well integrated with our FE analysis and engineering design tools to enable us to provide a comprehensive service or a multi-physics analysis capability if required.

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