Contact Analysis and Non-Linear Contact Analysis Services from TriVista

In an assembly including multiple components, the interactions between components are defined by contacts.

Contacts can be divided into two types: Linear contacts and non-linear contacts. Bonded contacts and non-separation contacts are linear contacts.

Linear contacts are widely used to define the contact between two adjacent components that have no relative movement. A sliding contact where friction is ignored also a linear contact. Linear contacts enable FE solutions to be more easily obtained.

Contacts allowing separation (e.g. frictional contacts) are non-linear contacts. For FE models with non-linear contacts, an iterative process is involved to obtain a solution and therefore non-linear contact analyses are more computationally demanding.

Defining suitable contact types is important in setting up the analysis model for an assembly. Non-linear contact analysis in large 3D assemblies can be difficult. A balance needs to be made between the effort of simulating realistic contacts and the feasibility of obtaining a converged solution.

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