TriVista Engineering is a leading provider of cost-effective CFD services to industry. Our engineering team routinely works with clients in providing realistic flow solutions of genuine commercial value. The benefits of CFD are many as detailed by the significant technical, product performance and project management advantages below:


  • Flow investigation is not limited by test instrumentation.
  • Improved performance predictions.
  • Comprehensive flow data is available.
  • Flow visualisation provides greater understanding of flow behaviour.
  • Identification of problem areas and minimising their effects.
  • Losses can be quantified for new systems with no existing empirical database.
  • Flow instabilities minimised to control noise and vibration.

Project management:

  • Validation of designs before more expensive testing.
  • Significantly reduced test and prototyping requirement.
  • Shorter development cycles and associated risk.


  • Improved product performance.
  • Optimised performance over a range of operating conditions.
  • Reduced pressure losses.

TriVista’s clients have seen the advantages of CFD analysis applied to their fluid dynamics problems across a wide range of industrial fields for instance: process plants, power generation, oil and gas, marine, defence, domestic appliances and automotive fields.
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