Experienced Finite Element Analysis Consultants

TriVista’s engineers are fully qualified specialists who are experienced in the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to model a wide range of physical phenomena. FEA facilitates the analysis of integrity and performance for thousands of products, offering numerous advantages over prototype tests and mental calculations. This enhances our clients’ abilities to fully understand and better appreciate their design whilst also taking into consideration any potential impact of design modifications.

As skilled stress analysis consultants and development engineers with practical knowledge of an array of industries, we appreciate the challenges designers face when developing their product. Therefore, our FEA consultants’ contribution to a project rarely stops at the stress analysis output. We routinely work alongside our clients to provide tailored, robust and practical solutions to imperative design criteria for projects of all sizes, taking into consideration the simplicity, strength, reliability, weight, and cost of a design. Backed by our expertise in Finite Element Analysis, our aim is to expand our clients’ FEA capabilities and find product design solutions that are realistic whilst offering genuine commercial benefits.

Our software expertise and in-house experience informs our recommendations for the finite element analysis approach which best suits your product. TriVista is a long-term user of ANSYS®, which is one of the market leaders in commercially available Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software.

Typical applications of the FE method include:

  • Structural (stress analysis services, strain, deformation, fatigue)
  • Thermal (conduction, convection and radiation)
  • Dynamic (modal, harmonic, transient dynamic, rotordynamic)

Multi physics analyses can be solved effectively in ANSYS Workbench environment. Multi physics analyses include analyses such as thermal stress analysis, fluid-structural interactive analysis (FSI) etc.

With the advance of computing hardware and software, FEA consulting services have become a powerful and versatile engineering tool, enabling complex systems, for instance large multi-parts assemblies, to be analysed effectively. Non-linear and non-isotropic materials, and surface-to-surface contacts are also routinely modelled.

In combination with our Engineering Design and CFD tools, we have effectively integrated our Finite Element Analysis consulting services into our clients’ design process, enabling design verifications and optimisations to be carried out before expensive hardware is made.

Once a model has been established it is a powerful tool for exploring what-if scenarios, for instance to evaluate the effect of introducing lower cost materials. We provide extensive documentation following completion of stress analysis or Finite Element Analysis which not only provides an internal record of analysis but also aids quality assurance processes alongside declaring compliance with regulatory requirements.

If you would like to know more about our FEA Consultants services please feel free to call or email (contact details below). Our experienced engineers will be happy to help you.

TriVista is a long-term user of ANSYS®, one of the market leaders in commercially available FEA software.

TriVista are experienced Finite Element Analysis Consultants offering a wide range of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services.  Call us today on 01273 704419.