The term dynamic FEA relates to a range of powerful simulation techniques that can be applied to even complex engineering systems. Dynamic analysis is used to evaluate the impact of transient loads or to design out potential noise and vibration problems.

As experienced development engineers our contribution to a dynamic evaluation rarely stops at the analysis output.

We routinely work alongside clients to find design solutions that are realistic and offer genuine commercial benefits:

Vibration analysis testing is expensive. Carry out dynamics analysis at design stage can avoid or reduce of the requirement and the cost for rig testing.

Failure under dynamic loading can be dramatic and damaging. To evaluate the structure at design stage can avoid expensive mistakes in real use of the product.

Modal analysis is used to identify natural frequencies. This is a powerful tool which allows engineer to design the product for the purpose avoiding excitation to be coincide with the natural frequencies of the structure therefore eliminate or minimise excessive vibration. Animations can be easily produced to provide valuable insight into how the structure will behave when excited.

Harmonic response analysis is used to determine the steady-state response of a linear structure to sinusoidal loads, and enables the evaluation of resistance to sustained forced vibration.

Transient dynamic analysis is used to determine the response to general time-dependent loads. Typical applications include seismic or explosive events.

Rotordynamic analysis is important when designing or troubleshooting rotating systems. By modelling the rotating geometry and its dynamic characteristics, such as stiffness and damping, the critical speeds can be predicted. Design adjustments can be made to avoid the rotor continuous running at those critical speeds.

The FSI (Fluid Structure Interface) feature in ANSYS allows the dynamics fluid loading condition to be transferred to the structure as dynamic loading conditions, which make some complex investigation involving fluid / structure interaction to be carried out.

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