Static stress analysis is arguably the most common type of structural analysis using FE method. Stress, strain and deformation of a component or assembly can be investigated under a range of load conditions to ensure that expensive failures are avoided at the design stage.

Structural loads are typically one, or a combination, of the following:

  • External forces such as clamping force in subsea connectors.
  • Surface loads, e.g. pressure loading in pressure vessels
  • Body forces (gravity, acceleration such as centrifugal force in rotating machines)

The structural response to more complex loads, for instance those arising from thermal analysis, can also be simulated using the multi-physics approach.

The substantial non-linear capabilities of ANSYS® also enable more complex simulations to be undertaken, including:

  • Material non-linearity, which analyses the structural integrity after the stress exceeds the yield strength of the material.
  • Geometry non-linearity for structure with large deflection.
  • Non-linear contacts, which include contact type such as friction, frictionless and rough contact.

These features combined with extensive material property functions and state-of-the-art surface contact modelling, mean that complex assemblies can be cost-effectively analysed.

Fatigue life predictions can be carried out based on the results from stress analysis. TriVista has experience in fatigue life analysis based on various industrial standard such as BS 7608, Euro code 9 etc.

Another important area of static stress analysis is pressure vessel analysis. Pressure vessels are traditionally design based on various industrial standards (ASME VIII Part I, Part II, BS EN13445, PD5500, etc.). However, the demands on design pressure vessels using stress analysis are increasing. the industrial standards now include sections covering the topic Design by Analysis and the relevant assessment criteria. TriVista has experience in pressure vessel analysis. See “Pressure Vessel” page for further details.

TriVista provide FEA consulting services and engineering design and has a lot of experience in structural analysis, deformation analysis, fatigue analysis, fatigue life predictions and static stress analysis. If you would like to know more please feel free to call or email (contact details below). Our experienced engineers will be happy to help you. Alternatively, you may prefer to use our simple enquiry form.